Therapy and Mental Health Meds: A Primer on Making Informed Decisions

The journey of managing your mental health is unique and multi-faceted; for many, this often involves a combination of therapy and medication. It’s incredibly common to have a number of questions and considerations about whether to take meds while in therapy. Whether you’re just beginning therapy or are a seasoned participant, I’ll do my best […]

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Breaking Through the Fog: Understanding and Overcoming Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse, often a silent figure in the shadows of our relationships, can be difficult to recognize and even harder to address. It lurks not just in romantic partnerships but in various forms of relationships – in our families, our professional lives, and in friendships. Today, I’m going to explore this subtle yet pervasive issue, […]

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Navigating Stress: A Seattle Therapist Discusses the Impact on our Bodies & Minds

Life can often feel like a whirlwind, every day presenting new challenges that test our emotional and physical resilience. Sometimes, amidst this chaos, we feel a tightening grip – a grip of stress that refuses to let go. Recognizing and addressing how stress impacts the body and mind is vital to our well-being. In the […]

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