You deserve a compassionate therapist... someone you can relate to... someone who makes you feel safe, secure, and seen while guiding you through the healing journey. I help women in the Seattle area navigate challenging life transitions and build healthy boundaries so they can lead fully satisfying lives. My goal is to support you and facilitate lifelong change that will help you foster an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Finally, the therapist you've been looking for.

Occasional anxiety, depression, uncertainty, and overwhelm is a normal part of life. When it becomes a part of your every day, it may be time to seek help.

We all know what anxiety, depression, uncertainty, and overwhelm can feel like. It’s that heart-racing sensation, that feeling of being stuck and not knowing what you want or how to get it—that doubt and fear.

For some, those feelings dissipate. For others, those feelings don’t go away and can actually get worse over time, interfering with your career, relationships, daily activities, and general quality of life.

If this is you, I want you to know you're not alone.

You might be asking yourself: 

The thought of going to therapy can be intimidating and even scary at times. However, I often hear from clients how surprised they are by their experiences in our work together.

Past therapists they worked with felt too clinical and disingenuous, but time after time I hear:

Do I need therapy?

“This feels so comfortable”
“I feel like you get it”
 “I feel like you can relate to what I’m saying.”

And that is how the Relatable Therapist came to be.

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Hey, I’m Saysan, The Relatable Therapist 

I help women in the Seattle area navigate challenging life transitions and build healthy boundaries so they can lead fully satisfying lives. And I believe therapy can be effective without it feeling stuffy or too clinical. 

I want to take a minute to acknowledge how brave you are for making it this far. I know how intimidating it can be to seek therapy. Trust me. I was once reluctant to pursue therapy myself in my early 20’s. I even went so far as to not say a word during the first session with my own therapist at the time! (Sorry Liz!)

I think it’s important to recognize that therapy isn’t only reserved for people in crisis. Therapy provides us the opportunity to see ourselves, wants, and needs, more clearly. Seeking out therapy is an act of strength, and I’m so proud of you for taking this step.

Before I started working with Saysan, I thought I was broken… but she showed me that the feelings I was having were confirmation that I wasn’t. I’ll be forever grateful for that.

current client

She has made such an enormous difference in my life, helping me to establish healthier boundaries with others and with myself, to work on letting go of what I can't control.


I can't express how wonderful it is to see someone who you feel understands and more importantly, cares about you as a client.


Saysan is amazing. She helps you deal with problems in real world scenarios without making you feel less than or talking down to you.


She’s so easy to talk to. Sometimes we laugh, other times I cry, but I can always count on feeling better after a session than I did before.


The way we think impacts the way we feel. Coping cards can be a helpful tool when struggling to think rationally in moments of upset.

Grounding is a practice that assists with managing anxious feelings by helping you refocus on the present moment. 

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